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Welcome to Harvey W James: Pioneering Property Lettings in the Heart of London

At Harvey W James, we seamlessly blend profound market insight and efficiency to present unrivalled property letting services across London's dynamic landscape. Our meticulous and transparent approach to valuation ensures your property's potential is fully realised, underpinned by our deep-seated expertise as London Rental Analysts.

Immerse yourself in the peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive support and cutting-edge marketing strategies. We not only understand the pulse of London's diverse rental market but celebrate it—using it as a canvas to highlight your property's unique narrative. Our forward-thinking methodology allows us to price properties with precision, leveraging in-depth analysis of market trends and demographics to attract the right tenants—whether they be professionals, students, or families.

Navigating the property market can be complex, but with Harvey W James, it's a journey of partnership and excellence. From our robust audit and compliance framework to our adept digital media showcase, we promise to elevate your property's presence and maximise your returns.

Step through the doors of Harvey W James and discover a partnership that brings your investment to life, ensuring it stands out in London's spirited rental arena. Let us connect you to the ideal tenant demographic with finesse and strategy, setting the stage for a successful and lucrative letting experience.

Explore our service and fees to learn how we champion your property's story and secure its position as a premium choice for tenants seeking more than just a place to live, but a place to thrive.

Begin your journey with Harvey W James today—where every property is a priority, and every client is part of our family.

Crafting Excellence in Tenant Matchmaking

1. Bridging Art and Science in Lettings
At Harvey W James, we understand that finding the perfect tenant for your property transcends mere numbers; it’s a fine blend of art and psychology. We believe in the singular power of one—just one tenant, falling deeply in love with your property, envisioning it as their forever home. It's this profound connection that we strive to foster, well beyond the fluctuations of the economy and property markets. It's about creating a space where memories can flourish and life can thrive.

2. First Impressions: The Gateway to Tenant Engagement
A property’s aura is pivotal. When a tenant steps through the door, the feeling of "I could live here" is invaluable. Our approach centres on crafting that immediate, resonant connection that transforms a viewing into a living. Because in any market condition, two universal rules lead to success: a breathtaking presentation and strategic pricing.

3. Styling with Precision: The Harvey W James Signature
Our premium styling services aren't just an upgrade, they're a transformation. By dressing your property, we elevate the visual narrative, allowing prospective tenants to envisage their life within its walls, even before stepping foot inside. This attention to detail not only enriches the portrayal of your property in listings but hastens the letting process, securing a superior asking price.

4. Strategic Visual Engagement
With a storied legacy of over 500 professional photoshoots, we command the visual stage, turning listings into showcases. Our expertise stretches from harnessing natural charm, regardless of grey skies, to the meticulous post-production editing, delivering images that resonate with prospects and embody the essence of the home.

5. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Views
Our research confirms that properties showcased through professional photography command up to a 10% higher asking price while maintaining lead generation. This commitment to quality is why we meticulously style each room before capture, ensuring every angle reflects the home’s highest potential.

6. The Blueprint of Comfort: Floor Plans
Floor plans do more than outline space; they narrate the property's story, guiding tenants through a visual journey that still images alone cannot tell. With the majority of tenants searching online, a meticulously crafted floor plan becomes an essential chapter in this story.

7. The Cinematic Journey: HD Video and True3D Tours
In our digital era, immersive experiences are king. Our HD video tours and True3D Virtual Tours are engineered to plunge prospective tenants into the heart of your property, nurturing a bond that traditional photos simply can't. Statistics show a 300% increase in engagement with properties that feature these immersive experiences.

8. Penning the Narrative: Property Descriptions
A compelling description does more than list features; it captures the imagination. We craft narratives that showcase not just a property but a lifestyle, an experience, beckoning tenants to a world they yearn to be part of.

9. Spotlighting Your Property: Premium and Featured Listings
Finally, to ensure your property takes centre stage, we navigate the realms of premium and featured listings. With proven statistics to back us up, these listings amplify visibility and engagement, significantly enhancing the speed and quality of lettings. At Harvey W James, your property is not just listed—it's featured, it's premium, it's exceptional.

As your property’s journey from listing to lease unfolds, trust in Harvey W James to manifest the full spectrum of its potential, drawing tenants not just to a space, but to a place they can call home.

Our Landlord Services

Harvey W James offers landlords a choice of 3 different levels of service. The option you choose will depend on how hands-on you want to be, the level of risk you are prepared to accept, and the time and energy you have available to manage your property investment and tenancy.

Tenant finding service – 6% inc VAT

Purpose: Find the ideal tenant and set up the tenancy agreement, empowering you to manage the daily aspects of the letting.

Tenancy Setup & Administration Service
  • Customised Approach: No Let, No Fee, Personal Service, Transparent Fees
  • Professional Presentation: Home Visit, Valuation, Market Guidance, Property Staging & Dressing (Premium Plus), Professional Photography, 3D Virtual Tours, Floor Plan Service
  • Marketing & Compliance: Advertising on Major Portals & Networks, Erect Board (as per law), Guidance on Statutory Provisions, Enquiry & Viewing Management
  • Tenant Acquisition & Agreement: Screening Offers, Agreeing Tenancy Conditions, Comprehensive Tenancy Agreement, Initial Rent & Deposit Collection, HMRC Deductions, Utility Switching, Key Management, Tenant Check-In
  • Additional Support: Smoke Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Checks, Welcome Pack, Electronic Signing & Filing Facilities
Tenancy Reference Service
  • In-depth Tenant Screening: Interviews, Full References, Identification & Valid Visa Checks, Credit History, Voters Roll Confirmation, Locate Information, Managing Agent / Landlord References, Proof of Income & Checks - including Open Banking, HMRC and Payroll Providers, Anti-Fraud Technology, National Fraud Database Integration, 1.5 Days Average Turnaround
Tenancy Compliance Services
  • Legal Compliance: Government's "How to Rent" Leaflet, Local Authority Checks, Organise Safety Certificates & Risk Assessments
  • Property Preparation: AIIC Inventory, Furniture & Appliances Organisation, PAT Testing, Property Cleaning, Locksmith Services
  • Protection & Compliance: Rent Guarantee & Eviction Insurance, Prepayment Meter Handling, Smoke Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Checks, Money Laundering & GDPR Compliance
Why Choose Level 1?
For landlords who require professional assistance in finding a tenant and organising the tenancy but prefer to manage the daily tasks themselves. Level 1 offers a blend of professional marketing, comprehensive tenant screening, and legal compliance
With our premier marketing strategies, we aim to rent your property "Faster" and secure the "Maximum Rent"

Rent Collection Service – 8% inc VAT (paid monthly)

Purpose: We find you a tenant, collect monthly rent, and handle related financial matters, enabling you to focus on property maintenance.

Rent Collection Service
  • Effortless Process: No Upfront Cost*, ARLA Qualified Managers, 24/7 Online Landlord Portal
  • Exclusive Financial Flexibility: No upfront fees, spread the cost over 12 months, subject to terms.
  • Financial Management: Monthly & Annual Statements, Security Deposit Handling, Prompt Rent Collection, Tenant Arrear Pursuance, Debt Control & Recovery, Regular Outgoing Payments
  • Block Management Coordination: Directly arranging payment of service charges and ground rent from rent, landlords meet lease commitments efficiently.
  • Tax & Legal Compliance: Non-Resident Landlords' Receipts to HMRC, Balance & Respond to HMRC Queries, Annual Property Appraisal, Deposit Return, Court Attendance, Rent Guarantee & Eviction Insurance Processing
  • Renewal & Review: Contract Negotiation, Renewal Documentation, Rent Review Service
Rent Review Service
  • Market-Based Approach: Review & Advise on Rent in Line with Current Conditions, Negotiate with Tenant, Update Tenancy Agreement, Serve Section 13 Notice if Required
Rent Collection Compliance
  • Trust & Safety: Member of Propertymark Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme, Reimbursement Assurance up to £50,000 per Claim
Technology: Advance Rent Collection Platform
  • Modern & Efficient: Real-Time Data, One Solution for Portfolio Management, Accounting & Banking
  • Automatic Processing: Incoming Payments Identification, Receipts & Statements for Tenants & Landlords
  • Secure & Accessible: Cloud-Based, Bank-Grade Security, Express Rent Payments, Automatic Monthly Statements
Why Choose Level 2?
Ideal for landlords seeking a hands-off approach to rent collection and financial management. Level 2 offers a seamless rent collection process, complete financial oversight, legal compliance, and access to innovative technology that simplifies the rental experience.

Harvey W. James, Full Management – 10% inc VAT (paid monthly)​

Purpose: We find a tenant, collect monthly payments, and provide an all-encompassing, hassle-free service, from keyholding to repair management.

Full Management Service

  • Effortless Process: No Upfront Cost*, ARLA Qualified Managers
  • Exclusive Financial Flexibility: No upfront fees, spread the cost over 12 months, subject to terms.
  • Comprehensive Care: Keyholding, 24/7 Emergency Helpline, Advanced Online Repairs & Maintenance, Emergency Repairs Float, Annual Property Health Check
  • Repairs & Maintenance: Routine & Emergency Repairs, Approved Contractors, Snagging Management for New Builds
  • Utility Management Service: Seamless Integration, Automated Accuracy, Enhanced Security, Transparent Billing, Concierge Support, Comprehensive Void Management, Managing Communal Billing for New Developments catering to instances where bills are retained in the Landlord's Name
  • Leasehold & Inspection: Dealing with Managing Agents/Concierge, AIIC Inventory Clerk Inspections, Property Visits
  • Financial Handling: Payment of Service Charges & Ground Rent, Tenant Check-In & Sign-Off, Completion of Legal Notices (Section 8, 10, 13, 48, Deed of Surrender, etc.)
  • Protection & Management: Rent Guarantee, Eviction Management, Home Emergency & Portfolio Management, Management During Vacancy, Right to Rent Checks
  • Tenancy Checkout Service: Coordinated Check-Out Process, Security Deposit Negotiation & Return, Dispute Adjudication, Repairs & Replacements
  • Contractor Compliance Service: Cost & Quality Control, Multiple Quotes, No Added Surcharges or Referral Fees, Warranty Retention
Technology: Advanced Repair Reporting Platform
  • Innovative Solution: Easy Reporting via Picture-Based System, Translated from 40+ Languages
  • Self-Help Guides: Tenants Can Solve Simple Issues
  • Efficient Coordination: Detailed Reports, Work Order Management, Contractor Management, Planned Maintenance
  • Communication & Feedback: Automated Reminders, Complete Audit Trail, Free Contractor App, Tenant Feedback on Contractor Performance
Why Choose Level 3?
This is the complete solution for landlords looking for a full-service approach that caters to every aspect of property management. From finding a tenant to managing repairs, technology-enabled efficiency, and legal compliance, our Full Management Service ensures every detail is handled professionally.

NB. *The "No Upfront Fees: Pay Over 12 Months" offer is subject to a minimum 12-month tenancy agreement without a break clause. Should a break clause be included in the initial term, you will no longer qualify for spreading the upfront fee over 12 months. This offer is exclusive and subject to terms and conditions. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.

Harvey W. James, Property Portfolio Management – Quote on request

​Beyond optimising the day-to-day returns on your investments, we can advise on the strategic growth and realisation of portfolio value, including refurbishment and major works. We are on hand to help you achieve your investment goals.

Other costs to consider:

Inventory Price Guide
  • Inventory & Accompanied Check-In Condition Report: Studio/1BR £125, 2BR £125, 3BR £156, 4BR £180
  • Paid by Landlord at Check-In
  • Check-Out Report: Studio/1BR £108, 2BR £108, 3BR £144, 4BR £168
  • Paid by Landlord at Checkout
Additional Inventory Services:
  • Mid-Tenancy Inspection Report: £60
  • Vacant Property Inspections: £60
  • Cancellation/No show within 24 hours: Property visit: £15 & All jobs (excluding property visit): £50
Cleaning Services for Flats and Houses
  • General: Studio-5BR, Types: Regular/One-off/End of Tenancy/Carpet, Equipment: Client-supplies utilities
  • Full Clean: Studio £180, 1BR £228, 2BR £238, 3BR £316, 4BR £360, 5BR £455
  • Light Clean: Studio £125, 1BR £130, 2BR £135, 3BR £155, 4BR £190, 5BR £210
  • Carpet (per room): Single £35, Double £45, Living £50, Lounge/Dining £60-100, Stairs £3/step
  • Upholstery: 2-Seat £63, 3-Seat £90, L-Shape £118, Armchair £37, Dining Chair £15, King Matt £50, Double Matt £40, Single Matt £30
Standard Services:
  • Legionella Assessments: £108 (when added to any Inventory report - £48)
  • Sit & Wait at Property: Starting from £39 for 30 mins, up to £133.20 for 5 hrs
  • Serving Notice (Hand Delivery): £60
  • Insurance Claims Photography (Inc home visit inspection): £60
  • New Build Handover & Key Collection: £95
Appoint us on either a Sole Agency or Multi-Agency:
Fee Structure
  • Sole-Agency Fee: Standard percentage of rent
  • Multi-Agency Fee: Standard percentage of rent + 2%
  • Short-Let Fee: Standard percentage of rent + 8% – Minimum 2-Month Fee Applies
General Repairs and Protracted Work:
  • No supervision fee for general repairs
  • 10% supervision fee for special refurbishment projects
Specialised Services (Quotes Available Upon Request):
  • EPC, CP12, Annual Boiler Service, EICR, PAT, Risk Assessments, Alarm Installations, End of Tenancy Clean, Lock Change, Domestic Appliance Repair, Court Possession Hearing.
Key Services & Additional Work:
  • Key Duplication: £18 + actual cutting cost
  • Key Postal Services: £18 flat rate
  • Key Collection/Drop-Off: £18 for the first hour, £9 for each half-hour thereafter
  • Extra Work by Staff: 'By time' rates at £18 for the first hour, £9 for each half-hour thereafter
  • Rent Guarantee & Eviction Cover: (£0-£2500): £220 / (£2501-£5000): £310 / (£5001-£7500): £388 / (£7501-£10000): £609 
  • Service Charges, Ground Rent, Council Tax, and Utility Bill invoices: £10 per payment
  • Subletting Registration Form & Payment Service: £28
  • Non-Resident Landlord Scheme: £30 per HMRC quarterly return
Special Cases:
  • Deposit Dispute: £54 for up to 3 hours, £18 for each additional hour
  • Rent Guarantee Insurance Claim: £54 for up to 3 hours, £18 for each additional hour
  • Witnessing in Court: £120
  • Statutory Declaration Service – (Solicitor witness fees included): £95
  • Property Licensing Application: £95
  • Premium Plus Marketing: - Property Staging/Dressing: £295
  • Digital Property Marketing - (Non-Branded - delivered electronically via email): £95
Landlord Banking Fees:
  • International transfers: £20
Withdrawal from Agreed Offer:
  • Withdrawal may incur costs and marketing expenses: £650
Commission Payments/Refund:
  • An annual management fee is based on the annual rent, covering a one-time letting service. For example, if your annual rent is £24,000, expect a £2,400 management fee.
  • The 10% management fee doesn't guarantee a tenant for a full 12 months.
  • Should a break clause be enacted, additional letting fees apply. No refunds are available on the 10% management fee unless re-let by Harvey W James.
  • Pro-rata refunds apply only to the 4% full management fee. No cash refunds, only credit towards future tenancies.
  • Credits expire after 5 years and are applied to subsequent tenancies.
Break Clause Provision Costs:
  • New letting fees may apply for properties with a break clause.
Other Costs to Consider:
  • Void periods
  • Utilities & council tax
  • Mortgage payments
Other Services offered (Quotes Available Upon Request):
  • Gardening: Maintenance, Clearance, Lawn Care, Tree Surgery, Pressure Washing.
  • Tradesmen: Locksmiths, Handymen, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters & Decorators, Carpenters, etc.
  • Waste Removal: House Clearance, Building Waste, Furniture Disposal.
  • Pest Control: Mice, Rats, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Wasps, Birds, etc.
  • Appliance Repairs: Cookers, Fridges, Dishwashers, Washing Machines, and more, with a 1-year guarantee.
  • Removals & Storage: Home Removals, Storage, Furniture Collection and Delivery, Packing Service.
NB. Third-Party Contractor Price Adjustments: Please be advised that the prices set forth by our third-party contractors i.e. cleaning companies are subject to periodic review and may change without prior notice. In the event of such a change, we will promptly inform and update you accordingly.

Prices include VAT

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