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Property portfolio management

The careful management of a property portfolio can help improve its profitability. This can be achieved through portfolio expansion, improving rental yields, or increasing capital growth. Monitoring overheads, minimising rental voids and strategic refinancing, also contribute to enhancing portfolio performance.

We will implement a strategy that aligns with your business plan to ensure we manage your asset to extract the most value from your properties. We feel the synergy between property management and asset management will be utilised to build positive relationships thus improving tenant retention levels.

Harvey W James will become a central point of contact this will prove to be a significant advantage when managing properties that are scattered across the country, especially when it comes with the expertise of an experienced and dedicated team.

Portfolio expansion


Once an investor has a small portfolio and positive financial position, they may be able to raise additional funds to help expand. This enables investors to diversify and spread their investments in different areas and different property classes, such as residential or commercial.


As a property portfolio expands, diversification can help minimise risk. Spreading the investment across different markets and locations can safeguard against fluctuations in property values.


At Harvey W James we can provide valuable insight to help you decide where to make your London property investment. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Portfolio reviews


Regular reviews of property portfolios are an important element of portfolio management. A regular review of overheads can help identify cost-saving options. The portfolio should be regularly assessed from a profit and loss perspective. Such assessments may identify growth opportunities as well as any less profitable properties or those continually requiring a high level of maintenance.


Reviewing the portfolio can also help identify any refurbishment or major improvement opportunities that may add value and help it achieve a greater rental yield.




Refinancing can help investors find preferential interest rates, extend or shorten the loan term, or release equity.


Within a property portfolio, profitable properties will return money on the investment at different rates. The profits from some properties could be transferred to others, to optimise the loan to value (LTV) ratios. Lenders often charge lower interest rates to borrowers when they own a higher share in the property. 

Scalable Opportunities


Effective property management will help you make wiser investment decisions. Freedom to buy in different areas (southwest vs London) and in different market sectors. You might consider investing in student properties, professional and company lets, or rental property to public sector professionals, such as teachers, doctors, or nurses.

Property Management


Properties require maintenance and management, and with a growing portfolio of properties, these duties usually require more time to uphold. Harvey W James property management services include the following:


  • Budgeting and cost management

  • Rent collection and debt recovery

  • Property and block management

  • 24-hour emergency support for tenants

  • Financial reporting

  • Health and safety obligations

  • Property Compliance

  • Refurbishment and enhancement

  • Caretaking of empty properties

  • Administration of gas, electricity, water, telephone contracts etc

  • Retaining property documentation

  • Legal Notices


Appointing a property management agent can be advantageous from the point of freeing up your time and harnessing the expertise of a team of experts dedicated to helping you get the most out of your investment.


Harvey W James has over 25 years’ experience in property management; contact us to discuss your requirements.

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