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About us

Moving home is universally regarded as one of the top five most stressful life experiences. Our mission, therefore, is to do everything within our power to create an easy, stress-free experience. Whether you are renting or tenanting a property, the Harvey W James team will take time to understand you and exactly what you want to achieve.

Tenants looking for a property to rent can leverage the skills of the Harvey W James team to find the perfect property. You will always have the ability to deal with any issues that may arise efficiently and without delay due to our strong links with trusted landlords. As a tenant in a Harvey W James property, you will have access to FixFlo, our online maintenance reporting system that gives you an instant line of communication with us and your landlord to resolve any maintenance problems quickly with the aim of creating a long-lasting and happy tenant-agent relationship.

Landlords can benefit from Harvey W James's strong list of prospective tenants looking for properties in London and the surrounding areas. Minimising void periods and finding exceptional tenants are top priority and thus all tenants must complete a stringent yet simple application process to ensure quality and longevity. Harvey W James strive to give you the best possible landlord experience by maintaining strong lines of communication with your tenants both for your benefit and theirs, ensuring any challenges are dealt with efficiently and effectively. 

Harvey W James is built on a belief that everyone should be treated as an individual when it comes to property. Your goals are paramount and the experience should be enjoyable. We take the time to understand exactly how you would like the journey to unfold.


To provide our clients with the peace of mind, we have chosen to regulate Harvey W. James registering with the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and the Property Redress Scheme (PRS) who are leaders in property compliance and best practice.

Meet Our Team

Harvey Juttla MARLA


Harvey Juttla is a letting and eviction professional with over 15 years of experience covering every aspect of the private rented sector. He enjoys the fact each day is different with new challenges, you never know what the next call, valuation, viewing will bring. Harvey has a natural ability to problem solve and thrives on getting the job done right.     


He is a member of the ‘Association of Residential Letting Agents’ (ARLA) and currently holds Level 3 Award in Residential Letting and Management. Harvey is currently working on Level 4 (ARLA) and already looking into the next course and qualification. 


Harvey is happy that Prop Tech has evolved allowing him and his partners to provide their client's with the perfect balance of speed, customer service and value.    


Harvey is grateful to start this journey with kindred spirits Warren and James by his side.


Favourite Quote:


“This is it, in this life, this will be my last job, this will be the last company I work for....thats it for me”


Warren Pongchai

Director of Harvey W James


Hobbies and Future Plans:


Harvey has recently had a baby boy called Noah and loves spending all his spare time with his family and friends. Harvey is looking forward to a trip to France with his family this Summer. 




Warren Pongchai MA BSc (HONS) 


Warren Pongchai is an experienced yet friendly individual who is a qualified careers advisor. He has succeeded in being both a team leader and team player, having acquired plenty of marketing and hospitality experience over the years. In addition to a master’s degree in marketing, he has had 4 years experience in room rentals, as well as being the property manager of his own properties for the past 6 years.


Warren has teamed up with Harvey Juttla and James Hutton, in hopes of using his experience to provide not only guidance and support for their clients but hopefully more opportunities for their businesses to flourish. 


Favourite Quote:


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”


William Arthur Ward


Hobbies and Future Plans:

Even outside of the property market, he is also a self-accomplished entrepreneur as he manages his own YouTube Channel with a following of 25,000 and growing. He is constantly seeking to improve himself but when he does find time to relax, he is a dedicated family man and often enjoys dining out and trying various cuisines. 





James Hutton MARLA

Co Founder

James Hutton is a passionate and accomplished Lettings specialist with over 12 years of experience in the property industry.


He is a member of the ‘Association of Residential Letting Agents’ (ARLA) and currently holds Level 3 Award in Residential Letting and Management. James continues to expand his knowledge in the industry by reading materials, undertaking courses and attending property events.


James has a keen interest in Prop Tech and the way that technology has impacted the industry.



Favourite Quote:


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”


John Quincy Adams

6th American President


Hobbies and Future Plans:


James has a keen interest in angling on commercial lakes and rivers in his spare time and is recently engaged so is excited about his wedding this year.





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